Genocide? Just another lie.

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One of the common lies about Israel that it is committing a genocide against the Palestinian people. It is so ridiculous that I am slightly embarrassed to even write about it.

It is certainly one of the examples of modern blood libels, that is used both to demonize Israel and to make us waste time as explained with this example.

The numbers

I found two graphs. The first one showing the growth of Palestinian population.

State of Palestine population

The other one the population in Gaza

Gaza population

This is up till 2010 when there were 1.6 million people in Gaza. Today we hear numbers between 2-2.2 million.

In both it is clear that there is a continuous upward trend. These numbers clearly show that there was no and there is no genocide.

The number of casualties

One thing that people seem to use as "proof" is the number of casualties in the current war with Hamas and in previous wars and fighting.

For example they talk about 10,000 casualties. I always wonder if this include the 500 that were killed in explosion at the Al Ahli Arab hospital which is now clear to have been a misfired rocket by the Palestinians. Can anyone outside of Gaza really know how many were killed? Nope. This just the Hamas propaganda machine.

However, let's accept these numbers. Anyone who thinks about this for 5 seconds can understand that if the goal of Israel was to kill as many Palestinians as it can, then after 30 days of war we would see way more dead Palestinians. Hundreds of thousands.

Why then?

If this is so ridiculous then why is it it a widespread accusation?

Couple of reasons.

There are many people, Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and also European and American "liberals" spread the lie. It is a superb way to intimidate Jews in general and Israelis in particular.

For many years Europeans and also Americans felt embarrassed by the Holocaust. If it turns out that the Jews also commit a genocide then suddenly they don't need to feel guilty.

Blood libel is a long held tradition in the antisemitic circles. This is "just" another attempt to blame the Jews for the death of many people.

Keeping us busy as explained here trying to refute this nonsense is one of the strategies of antisemites which is happily employed by thes "anti-Israeli" or "anti-Zionist" activits.

Population changes in real genocides

Finally let me include another two graphs I found. This shows the population changes in 3 real genocides and the population change of the Palestinian people.

Population changes

This shows 4 genocides and the Palestinian population growth.

Genocide bar chart

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