October 7th was decades in the making - Einat Wilf

Einat Wilf video

Probably the best explanation of Palestinian-Israeli, or Arab-Israeli conflict.

The speaker is Harvard and Cambridge educated Dr. Einat Wilf who served as a member of the Knesset between 2010-2013 as a member of the Labor Party.

The author of the book The War of Return.

  • 00:23 Introduction and some background by Gil Kapen of American Jewish International Relations Institute.

  • 06:30 Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen giving some more background.

  • 17:50 The presentation of Dr. Einat Wilf. It lasts about 25 minutes.

  • A moment letting go a delusion.

  • 19:46 The sustaining of the Palestinian vision that Israel is temporary, that Israel can be undone, that with enough patience, and violence they can ultimately win the war that they have failed to win in 1948.

  • 33:05 The book Embracing defeat how society changed in Japan after World War II.

  • 35:38 The mental preparation that whatever happened on October 7 the Israelis had it coming. What happened around world to paint Israel as the evil of the world.

  • 42:32 End of presentation, QA session starts but we can't hear the question.

  • 43:56 ... To continue the analogy of Nazi Germany and Japan after WWII. After winning the war and the Unconditional surrender the allied forces continued investing in the process of changing the societies.

  • 49:36 To the credit of the Palestinians, they were very clear for a century as to what they're fighting for. They want all the land. ... There must be a diverse opinion in the Palestinian society on this issue. Well, then show where are those people. Bring a Palestinian who in their own words, publicly state that "I support the equal right of the Jewish people as a people (a nation) to self determination in their historical homeland. We understand that the implication of that is that we can build the state of Palestine next to the Jewish state of Israel rather then instead of it. We understand that this means that we are not refugees and we do not have a right of return into the sovereign state of Israel."

  • 56:47 Abraham accord and the point of view of other Arab countries

  • 1:05:17 Son of Hamas and Iran.

  • 1:11:46 How to change the education of the Palestinians?

  • 1:16:48 Collective statement by European presidents and allies to the Palestinian people.

  • 1:21:38 Much of the fuel supporting Hamas is coming from the young people on campuses. Naturei Karta and the Satmar Jews. It's not they don't want Zionism. They only want Zionism later.

  • 1:27:40 Gil Kapen

  • 1:28:19 - Jordanna McMillan Israel allies caucus