Memorial day in 2024 in Modiin

memorial soldiers

As every year we had the memorial day followed by the independence day last week. It is always a difficult day, but this year it was especially hard as more than 1500 people were added to the list which is now over 25,000. It is very hard. This is the price we pay for having a country. The week before we had another memorial day to remind us what is the price of not having a country.

I felt this year I need to do something more than just standing for a few minutes and listening to the stories in the radio.

I decided I am going to visit all the memorial sites around Modiin, the city where I live. Here every fallen soldier receives his or her own "lane" or "maale" which are short pedestrian-only streets. The former are rather flat, the latter usually have steps.

Each soldier is commemorated with a stone.

I recorded my walk around and also took pictures. The first two parts were done on memorial day and the 3rd part yesterday.

I got really exhausted. Both physically and emotionally.

There is really not much I can do to repay my debt to these people who gave their life so we can live and we can live in freedom.

The least I can do is to remember they walked among us. They smiled, they were happy. They lived.

Modiin North West 8.29 km

  • Central memorial site with all the names
  • Ephraim Bracha
  • Noa Marciano
  • Amit Most
  • Adir Abudi
  • Yonatan (Jonny) Goutin
  • Jonathan Savitsky

Modiin North East 8.78 km

  • Itamar Shay

  • Itay Avraham Schwarcz

  • Shlomo Gurtovnik

  • Adi Leon

  • Shlomo Ben Nun

  • The chairs waiting for the kidnapped people

Reut and the south of Modiin 11.36 km

  • Yam Glass - ים גלס

  • Baruch Mizrahi - ברוך מזרחי

  • Natan Cohen

  • Avner Goldman

  • Amir Ben-Arye

  • Zvika Ziman

  • Liran Almosnino

  • Eden Nimri

  • Simcha Shidlovsky

  • Itzhak Netzer - יצחק נצר

  • Nisim Sakori - ניסים שקורי

  • Daniel Gomez

  • Shira Shohat

  • Gal Mishaelof

  • Amit Tirosh

I used the memorial page of the city as a guide. I might have missed a few names and sadly several more people were killed in the last few weeks who don't yet have a memorial.