The little lies in Wikipedia - the Jewish Quarter

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Someone mentioned that he would like to know the opinion of the Palestinians, and I wanted to point to few voice including that of Bassem Eid, one of the few who understands and publicly says that the main obstacle for the Palestinians is the Palestinian leadership.

However, I noticed something in the Wikipedia entry about Bassem Eid that caught my eye.

Just a little "mistake".

Eid was born in the Jewish Quarter of the Jordanian-ruled Old City of Jerusalem. In 1966, the Jordanian government evacuated over 500 Palestinian families, including Eid's family, and relocated them to Shuafat Refugee Camp, with no clear reason given.

The thing is, between 1948-1967 the "Jewish Quarter" had no Jews in it. The are was, I guess, still called "Jewish Quarter", but the Jews had to leave it in 1948 when Jordan occupied.

So technically he was born in the "Jewish Quarter", but there were no Jews despite what one would probably assume from the name.

It is a bit strange that they are mentioning the Jewish Quarter, but omitting the fact that it was jew-free back then.

I know I could make changes, but I am quite sure my changes would be reverted as someone would say: "well that's common knowledge".