Is it antisemitism?

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Within hours the Hamas attack on Israel started at 6:30 on October 7, 2023, people have been demonstrating against Israel and organizations around the world have been condemning it.

Within hours.

That is, even before Israel managed to stop the invasion, before it managed to stop the rape, slaughter and kidnapping.

Since then both Hamas from the Gaza-strip and Hezbollah from Lebanon, and even the Houthis from Yemen have been shooting rockets at Israel.

The leadership of the western countries are mostly supporting Israel, but on the streets and in the universities the voices are very anti-Israel.

Why is that? Is that some legitimate grievance with Israel or is it based on antisemitism?

Is it antisemitism?

In Sydney the called "gas the Jews".

In many demonstrations in Europe you can see posters where they are throwing the Israeli flag into a dustbin. Clearly calling for the elimination of Israel, the Jewish state.

Keep the world clean of Israel

In how many other conflicts have we seen a call to the elimination of a country?

Other conflicts

People say they are worried for the Palestinians. People say they are worried for the Arabs or the Muslims. They are worried for the "brown people".

Here are some other conflicts in which a lot more people have died than in the Palestinian conflict.

In the Syrian civil war 2011-present roughtly 5-600,000 people were killed so far, more than 300,000 civilian. It created 6.6 million refugees and 6.7 internally displaced.

What demonstrations were there in the "western" cities? Anything close to what's going on now?

In the Yemeni civil war 2014-present 377,000 people died. 85,000 Yemeni children died from starvation. What voices did you hear about that. Does anyone care about those people?

Pakistan is deporting 1.7 million Afghans. Are there any demonstrations against this?


People don't actually care about the "brown people" as they put it.

The only case when they are on the streets demonstrating and even rioting is when Jews can be blamed for it.