International Aid for the Palestinians


Why are there still Palestinian refugees, you might ask. Especially if you are aware that that a huge percentage of these refugees live in Gaza and the West Bank that are part of the State of Palestine. So any normal country would have settled its own people down for ages.

Maybe because they don't have enough money to settle people down, right?

Or maybe, because keeping them as refugees is a good business for some.

Hamas leaders worth staggering $11B revel in luxury - while Gaza's people suffer

How can they be so wealthy? How much aid have the Palestinians received?

International aid

Given so much aid, one wonders, what did they spend it on? Part of the money was pocketed by their leaders, including Arafat and the Hamas leader.

Another huge part was invested in the tunnels and the war machine that Hamas created eventually used to kill more than 1000 Israelis, behead babies and rape women.

They have not invested in making the life of the Palestinians better as that's not part of their agenda.

Oh and this aid was provided mostly by the "western" countries and thus paid by the taxpayers.