Rafah and the humanitarian aid for Gaza

Hamas soldiers aid

The world is crying trying to stop Israel from going into Rafah, the south-most city in the Gaza strip, the last stronghold of Hamas.

The world is crying that Israel must provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.

So yesterday the Palestinians (and yes we can pretend that it is only Hamas, but they are the elected government in Gaza) shot rockets from Rafah, from within the humanitarian safe zone onto the Kerem Shalom border crossing that Israel was using to send in humanitarian aid killing 4 soldiers.

See Four soldiers killed in Hamas rocket barrage toward Kerem Shalom, aid crossing closed and also IDF announces death of fourth soldier in Sunday’s Hamas rocket attack.

Frankly I don't dare to write down what I feel and what I think. I'd use too many expletives to describe it.

We supply them food, humanitarian aid and they are killing our sons and daughters. What would you feel?

I am also very angry with our leadership that has not cleared out Rafah yet and has not ended this war. I understand that the international community especially the UN, many of the "objective" journals and many western leaders opposed the operation in Rafah.

Frankly, I know the people in the western countries don't care about the Palestinians. Just as they don't care about the tens of thousands who die in Syria, Yemen, or in Africa. They hardly care about the Ukrainians. The only reason they pretend to care about the Palestinians is because Israel is involved.