Genocide allegations

Holocaust genocide Qatar Al Jazeera

Recently I saw a Facebook post from one of my connections, a person I know even personally, in which he was showing quotes from the Holocaust Museum and then quotes from The New York Times and wrote:

Israel, the nation established to give the victims of genocide and persecution their own sovereign state, and the promise to never again allow such crimes against humanity...

I saw it a couple of days ago and it disturbed me quite a bit. I was not sure if I should

  • disregard it
  • disregard and unfriend him
  • send a private message telling him something
  • write a comment
  • ...

At the end I commented:

It is one thing to repeat the false allegations about genocide (that you also retracted in your first comment), but somehow relating it to the Holocaust. That goes way beyond lack of knowledge. That's disgusting.

Surely you know the Jewish nation was not established after the Holocaust and Israel the state, including its 20% Arab population, was not established to "give the victims of genocide and persecution their own sovereign state", as you stated. The state was in the working for more than 50 years and Britain got the mandate to make it happen in 1920 already.

The Holocaust was possible because the state did not exist and because no nation was ready to accept any substantial number of Jewish refugees and the Brits even limited the emigration to the territory that was called Palestine. All that to appease the Arabs.

The thing is that someone already told him that if Israel wanted to commit a genocide it could have done it easily, to which he replied, that he know that it is not a genocide, but it is a war crime....

Then he went on that his reliable sources include Al Jazeera, you know the journal that is owned and controlled by the ruling family of Qatar, the same country that finances Hamas and hosts its leaders.