The "co-existence" before Israel

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There is a common misconception, based on a lie propagated by the anti-Zionist, that all the conflict was caused by the Zionists and by Israel. Often people call call this lie a "narrative" because that sounds much better than saying the other person, or the whole anti-Zionist movement lies.

Their claim is that before Israel was established and before the Zionists (the movement to re-create the Jewish home) arrived the Jews and the Arabs who lived in this area peacefully co-existed.

Here is Tweet from one of these "Jewish anti-Zionist":

Jews co-existed peacefully in the region before Israel. I refuse to give in to the Zionist narrative that a free Palestine means genocide of Jewish people. It is the colonial imagination that projects its own violence onto people who just want their homes and olive trees back.

The community notes on Twitter pointed to a few of the pogroms, massacres, riots in which the Jews who lived in the area were attacked. Either as the main goal of the pogrom or just as part of bigger uprising against the rulers of the area, the Ottoman empire or the British mandate.

Just to mention a few. As you can see long before the modern Zionism was born the Jews were already attacked by the local Arabs and other groups.

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