Is the BBC the Hamas propaganda machine?

BBC propaganda blood-libel video

The background:

Yesterday the IDF announced that it entered the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza fighting against Hamas terrorist. It brought along a medical team and Arabic speaking soldiers to assist the hospital staff.

The BBC reported:

Israel entered the hospital and it is targeting Arabic speaking people and the medical team.

Here is the video on Twitter

I don't have words how outraged I am.

The IDF announcement was made in English and in any case the BBC relies on AP and Reuters. So it was not mistranslation.

However, the fact that they thought this can be real and they have not double-checked the text means that they are convinced these can be true. In their twisted mind we would target Arabic speaking people and the medical staff.

Is it their hatred towards Israel?

Is it their projection of what they would want to do??

Or shall we accept a total lack of competency?

Some times later they published some kind of a correction saying it was misquote.

However, I'd like to remind everyone that this is how blood-libels are started.

BBC Video including both the original announcement and the correction.